Forex Calendar

The economic timetable must imperatively be consulted at the start of each trading day. The financial markets follow the rhythm of the publication of economic statistics (GDP, unemployment, consumption, etc.) which may have a significant impact on the rates. At the time of publication of certain statistics, there may be variations of more than 1% in a few minutes, or even seconds, which represents hundreds of pips. This strong volatility is accompanied by a significant increase in the spread.
It is for that reason that it is important to know the time of publication of significant statistics; a stop which is too tight is often fatal at those times.
We supply the most complete timetable possible, indicating the estimated level of impact on rates and mentioning the currency concerned.

July 30
1:45 CNYWestpac-MNI Consumer Sentiment
6:00 CHFUBS Consumption Indicator
7:00 CHFKOF Leading Indicator
8:30 GBPLloyds Business Barometer
9:00 EUREuro-Zone Industrial Confidence
  Euro-Zone Services Confidence
  Euro-Zone Economic Confidence
  Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence
  Euro-Zone Business Climate Indicator
11:00 USDMBA Mortgage Applications
12:00 EURGerman Consumer Price Index
12:15 USDADP Employment Change
12:30 USDPersonal Consumption
  Gross Domestic Product
  Gross Domestic Product Price Index
  Core Personal Consumption Expenditure
  CADIndustrial Product Price
  Raw Materials Price Index
14:30 USDDOE U.S. Distillate Inventory
  DOE U.S. Crude Oil Inventories
  DOE Cushing OK Crude Inventory
  DOE U.S. Gasoline Inventories
18:00 USDFed Pace of Treasury Pur
  Fed Pace of MBS Purchases
  Federal Open Market Committee Rate Decision
23:05 GBPGfK Consumer Confidence Survey
23:50 JPYJapan Buying Foreign Stocks
  Japan Buying Foreign Bonds
  Foreign Buying Japan Bonds
  Foreign Buying Japan Stocks
July 31
1:30 JPYLabor Cash Earnings
1:30 AUDBuilding Approvals
  Import Price Index
  Export Price Index
  Private Sector Credit
2:30 JPYVehicle Production
3:00 NZDMoney Supply M3
5:00 JPYHousing Starts
  Annualized Housing Starts
  Construction Orders
6:00 GBPNationwide House Prices
7:55 EURGerman Unemployment Change
  German Unemployment Rate
8:00 EURItalian Unemployment Rate
9:00 EUREuro-Zone Consumer Price Index
  Euro-Zone Consumer Price Index Estimate
  Euro-Zone Unemployment Rate
11:30 USDChallenger Job Cuts
  RBC Consumer Outlook Index
12:30 USDContinuing Claims
  Initial Jobless Claims
  Employment Cost Index
  CADGross Domestic Product
  Average Weekly Earnings
13:00 USDNAPM-Milwaukee
13:45 USDChicago Purchasing Manager
14:30 USDEIA Natural Gas Storage Change
  EIA Natural Working Gas Implied Flow/U
22:00 USDDomestic Vehicle Sales
  Total Vehicle Sales
  JPYOfficial Reserve Assets
23:30 AUDAiG Performance of Manufacturing Index
23:50 JPYLoans & Discounts Corp
August 01
0:00 AUDRPData/Rismark House Px
1:00 CNYManufacturing PMI
1:30 AUDProducer Price Index
1:35 JPYMarkit/JMMA Japan Manufacturing PMI
1:45 CNYHSBC China Manufacturing PMI
3:30 JPYBOJ Governor Kuroda Speaks at Research Institute of Japan
5:00 JPYVehicle Sales
6:30 AUDCommodity Index
  RBA Commodity Index SDR
7:45 EURMarkit/ADACI Italy Manufacturing PMI
7:50 EURMarkit France Manufacturing PMI
7:55 EURMarkit/BME Germany Manufacturing PMI
8:00 EURMarkit Eurozone Manufacturing PMI
8:30 GBPMarkit UK PMI Manufacturing
12:30 USDUnemployment Rate
  Change in Non-farm Payrolls
  Personal Consumption Expenditure Core
  Two-Month Payroll Net Revision
  Change in Household Employment
  Change in Private Payrolls
  Underemployment Rate
  Labor Force Participation Rate
  Personal Income
  Personal Spending
  Average Hourly Earnings
  Average Weekly Hours All Employees
  Change in Manufacturing Payrolls
  Personal Consumption Expenditure Deflator
13:30 CADRBC Canadian Manufacturing PMI
13:45 USDMarkit US Manufacturing PMI
13:55 USDU. of Michigan Confidence
14:00 USDISM Manufacturing
  Construction Spending
  ISM Prices Paid
August 03
23:50 JPYMonetary Base End of period
23:50 JPYMonetary Base
August 04
1:00 NZDANZ Commodity Price
1:30 AUDRetail Sales Ex Inflation
  Retail Sales
  ANZ Job Advertisements
7:30 Purchasing Managers Index
8:30 GBPMarkit/CIPS UK Construction PMI
  EUREuro-Zone Sentix Investor Confidence
9:00 EUREuro-Zone Producer Price Index
13:45 USDISM New York
22:00 GBPHalifax Plc House Prices
  Halifax House Price
23:30 AUDAiG Performance of Service Index
  ANZ Roy Morgan Weekly Consumer Confidence Index
August 05
0:30 AUDTD Securities Inflation
1:30 AUDTrade Balance
1:35 JPYMarkit Japan Services PMI
  Markit/JMMA Japan Composite PMI
1:45 CNYHSBC China Composite PMI
  HSBC China Services PMI
4:30 AUDReserve Bank of Australia Rate Decision
6:00 CHFUBS Real Estate Bubble Index
7:45 EURMarkit/ADACI Italy Composite PMI
  Markit/ADACI Italy Services PMI
7:50 EURMarkit France Composite PMI
  Markit France Services PMI
7:55 EURMarkit/BME Germany Composite PMI
  - Indice PMI des services allemand
8:00 EURMarkit Eurozone Services PMI
  Markit Eurozone Composite PMI
8:30 GBPMarkit/CIPS UK Services PMI
  Markit/CIPS UK Composite PMI
  Official Reserves
9:00 EUREuro-Zone Retail Sales
13:45 USDMarkit US Services PMI
  Markit US Composite PMI
14:00 USDISM Non-Manufacutring Composite
  Factory Orders
  IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism
22:45 NZDUnemployment Rate
  Employment Change
  Average Hourly Earnings
  Labor Cost Private Sector
  Participation Rate
  Private Wages ex Overtime
23:01 GBPBRC Shop Price Index
August 06
5:00 JPYCoincident Index
5:00 JPYLeading Index
6:00 EURGerman Factory Orders
7:15 CHFConsumer Price Index
  CPI EU Harmonized
7:30 EURMarkit Germany Construction PMI
8:00 GBPNew Car Registrations
8:10 EURMarkit Germany Retail PMI
  Markit Eurozone Retail PMI
  Markit France Retail PMI
  Markit Italy Retail PMI
8:30 GBPManufacturing Production
  Industrial Production
9:00 EURItalian Gross Domestic Product and
11:00 USDMBA Mortgage Applications
12:30 USDTrade Balance
  CADInternational Merchandise Trade
14:00 GBPNIESR Gross Domestic Product Estimate
14:30 USDDOE U.S. Crude Oil Inventories
  DOE U.S. Gasoline Inventories
  DOE Cushing OK Crude Inventory
  DOE U.S. Distillate Inventory
23:30 AUDAiG Performance of Construction Index
23:50 JPYJapan Buying Foreign Bonds
  Japan Buying Foreign Stocks
  Foreign Buying Japan Stocks
  Foreign Buying Japan Bonds
August 07
0:00 NZDQV House Prices
1:30 AUDEmployment Change
  Unemployment Rate
  Full Time Employment Change
  Part Time Employment Change
  Participation Rate
2:00 JPYTokyo Avg Office Vacancies
5:45 CHFSECO Consumer Confidence
6:00 EURGerman Industrial Production and
  German Industrial Production
7:00 CHFForeign Currency Reserves
11:00 GBPBank of England Rate Decision
  BOE Asset Purchase Target
11:45 EUREuropean Central Bank Rate Decision
  ECB Marginal Lending Facility
  ECB Deposit Facility Rate
12:30 USDInitial Jobless Claims
  Continuing Claims
  CADBuilding Permits
14:00 CADIvey Purchasing Managers Index
14:30 USDEIA Natural Gas Storage Change
  EIA Natural Working Gas Implied Flow/U
19:00 USDConsumer Credit
22:00 JPYEco Watchers Survey: Outlook
  Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Statement
  BOJ 2014 Monetary Base Target
  Eco Watchers Survey: Current
  CNYTrade Balance
23:50 JPYTrade Balance - BOP Basis
  Bank Lending incl Trusts
  Housing Loans
  Bank Lending Banks ex-Trust
  Current Account Total
  Adjusted Current Account Total
August 08
1:30 AUDHome Loans
1:30 AUDInvestment Lending
  Value of Loans
4:30 JPYBankruptcies
5:45 CHFUnemployment Rate
6:00 EURGerman Trade Balance
  German Current Account
  German Exports
  German Imports
6:30 AUDForeign Reserves
8:30 GBPConstruction Output
  Total Trade Balance
  Visible Trade Balance
  Trade Balance Non EU
12:30 USDNon-Farm Productivity
  Unit Labor Costs
  CADUnemployment Rate
  Net Change in Employment
  Full Time Employment Change
  Part Time Employment Change
  Participation Rate
14:00 USDWholesale Inventories
  Wholesale Trade Sales
August 09
1:30 CNYConsumer Price Index
1:30 CNYProducer Price Index